Adrian Ruiz


Adrian is recognized throughout the state of California as one of the leading facilitators, coaches, and trainers of the strengths-based approach. He specializes in the areas of leadership development, team optimization, school climate and culture, and youth serving systems.

During the last eight years Adrian has successfully incorporated the strengths-based approach internally for the entire Youth Development Network organization. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Adrian and his team created the Sacramento Strengths Based Institute (SBI) to assist organizations in becoming strengths-centered. The impact of the SBI is undeniable and evident in the fact that it was the catalyst to a local school district being awarded a $10 million dollar federal grant to become the first strengths-based school district in Northern California.

Another result of Adrian’s strengths-based coaching and facilitative, leadership technique can be found in the optimization of a local university department aligning their counseling and intake system to be strengths-based for all incoming freshmen. Adrian has now turned his attention to helping school districts align their policies, procedures, and program offerings to be strengths-based. This summer a school district in Southern California worked with Adrian to embed the strengths-based language and approach into their new priorities and direction, thus ensuring that more teachers and adults will experience school through their strengths and not their weaknesses. One of Adrian’s greatest joys has been the creation of a strengths-based camp for Sacramento’s youth. The camp has impacted hundreds of young people who now see themselves through their strengths and their promises vs. their weaknesses and obstacles.

Check out an awesome video of YDN’s Strengths Camps in action here:

Some people do this work for glory or for money but if you ask Adrian why he does it he will tell you that it is F-U-N! His trainings always create an engaging atmosphere where participants leave feeling more connected to themselves and to others while ready to NAME, CLAIM, and AIM their talents at the things that will make them happier and more successful.