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The companies that embrace the mentality of aligning people’s strengths and passions with the right projects and teams get amazing results in both employee brand evangelism and productivity.



Available in US, Mexico, Central and South America (English/Spanish)

We offer a variety of ways to implement the Strengths approach for individuals, teams and organizations. See which service best suites your needs:

Training & Facilitation

  • - Learn Strengths Model
  • - Apply on a personal, team or organization level
  • - Includes Strengthfinders assessment
  • - Additional tools and resources
Learn the Strengths model, its benefits and how to apply it on a personal, team or organizational level. You and your team will be equipped with everything necessary to start your Strengths journey. Includes strengthsfinder assessment and additional tools and resources.

Coaching & Consulting

  • - Expert support
  • - Fully customized
  • - Strengths coaching
Your organization's leadership remains in the driver seat with the comfort of knowing support is there whenever you need. Strengths coaching is a fully customized ongoing experience designed to meet both the expected and unexpected.

Strategic Planning

  • - Analyze your organization for readiness
  • - Provide feedback on opportunities
  • - A road map to success
  • - Recommended for large organizations
Essential to making Strengths an integral part of your organization, company or teams infrastructure. Based on your desired outcomes, will analyze your organization's readiness for implementation, provide feedback on opportunities as well as barriers for success and create a road map for you and your team. Recommended for organizations with a large number of employees, multiple departments or locations.

Our working process in 3 steps

Here's what you can expect by working with us:


Team Assessment

Once you book with us, we will gather info to plan a strategy to implement.

Select Program

We will put together a plan that works for you needs.


Here will execute our plans for success!